Holtzapffel Ornamental Turning Lathe No 2446

The current owner is offering this unique Holtzapffel ornamental turning lathe outfit, including a comprehensive range of associated equipment and five volumes of Holtzapffel’s  Turning and Mechanical Manipulation, Vols I,III (two), IV & V for sale as a complete lot. No offers for individual items will be considered.

The lathe has an exceptional provenance: the present owner acquired the lathe in June 1970 from the daughter of John George Holtzapffel-Budd (1888- 1968). The lathe was described by the Hon Secretary of the Society of Ornamental at the time of purchase, as a ‘unique outfit, having been in the possession of a member of the Holzapffel family and partner in the firm itself.’1It is unusual in having a double overhead pulley drive arrangement, a very large number of chucks, other equipment and tools (some duplicated), and a complete set of Turning and Mechanical Manipulation, containing inscriptions by the author and letters or notes from members of the family.

An original full-sized tool cabinet, with a large set of drawers forming the lower half, with chisel racks in the doors, and a glazed display cabinet for chucks and cutters mounted above, accompanies the lathe. As well as all the equipment illustrated on this website, all ancillary parts in terms of screws, bolts, shafts or spindles are thought to be extant, and nothing has been sold or lost since acquisition.2

While the present owner is a skilled maker of artefacts, he is not an ornamental turner and therefore the items offered in this sale are described as accurately as he is able: the list does not necessary conform to the conventions of an inventory and the lathe and associated items are sold on this understanding.

The lathe and all component and tools can be viewed and examined by appointment at a location close to Cardiff, UK.

Michael Hose
April 2014

Email. michaelhose.art@gmail.com            

1 W.A. Bourne, Hon. Secretary of the Society of Ornamental Turners circa 1960s -70s

2 William Bourne’s Letter